A Joke

from by The Crazoids

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A Joke looks at the almost Truman Show-like view of the whole of humanity as a cosmic experiment. Also the theme in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that the Earth is just a giant organic computer experiment being run by inter-dimensional beings (mice) to find the secret of life.

The song also had a strong influence from Timothy Leary's book The Intelligence Agents where we are basically at the mercy of DNA's climb from the swampy slimes, up through us to a destiny far ahead in the stars.

But right now we are all caught up with work, religion and food, and face the sad potential of our own boring demise.


A Joke

A joke, a joke, it's got to be a joke.
One day they'll lift off the lid
Look down and say "Hey listen kid
You've been fooled for a million years,
So have a laugh before you cry the tears."

A joke, a joke, it's all a silly joke.
It started as a game you see
For DNA and you and me
To build a spiral staircase to the stars
But now we've all forgotten who we are (who are we?).

I can't see you smiling any more
It seems like the joke has become a bore.

Lead nylon guitar.

A joke, a joke, it's got to be a joke.
Running round like bumbling b's
With bloody hands grubby knees
Calling to the Gods to save our Souls
Then hurry home the roast is going cold.

I can't see you smiling any more
It seems like the joke has become a bore.

Words and music by Japetus © Copyright 1983
Written, arranged, engineered and produced by Japetus


from Real World, released April 1, 1982
- Jay... Nylon acoustic guitar, Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, DMX drum programming, Casio MT-30 keyboard and real upright acoustic Piano.
- Paul Dengate... Nylon lead guitar

- There is no Bass in this track which again shows the incomplete nature of these demo tracks.

- The Casio on any track means it was played real time (live) and no sequencer using many many takes.

- Paul's tasteful solo lifting the track and giving it a romantic thoughtful break in the middle.


tags: pop Willoughby


all rights reserved


The Crazoids Willoughby, Australia

Crazy, young and frustrated with the ways of the world, The Crazoids was a futuristic, early-80's Pop music project created by Japetus, that reflected upon the quirky sides of humanity as it approached the challenges of the 21st century. This collection of demos is 'released' here under the album title of Real World. They are presented here purely in an historical context for posterity's sake. ... more

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