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Photoscan was inspired from watching a movie (name escapes me) that ended with the chant "the whole world is watching..." which, combined with the increase with surveillance cameras in Sydney in the early 80's plus satellites and the advent of digital CC-TV cameras, started to make everyone a bit edgey.

Basically, back in 1980, we saw the predictions of Big Brother coming true right before our eyes as we tumbled headlong towards 1984.

Everywhere we turned there seemed to be yet more cameras installed, watching us sitting at the traffic lights. It only got worse.



When I drive through town
I know I'm on your screen
I can see you looking down
Why can't you hear me screaming...
Change the lights!!

In department stores
I hide behind displays
and dodge electric doors
With ultra-sonic rays...
I'm on TV!

It's photoscan, under surveillance
Photoscan, better stay in line
Photoscan, never had a chance
Photoscan, the world's watching you, all the time!

Eyes, millions and millions of eyes
I can see them, up on top of buildings
In hallways, doorways
Vacant crystals of finely polished glass
Engrossed by our every move.
I always used to think it was just paranoia
But now I know it's all too real, too real.

Don't laugh and say it's science fiction
You can't put a lens in every room
Besides it's only a prediction
Just like putting men onto the Moon.

It's photoscan, I'm under surveillance
Photoscan, better stay in line
Photoscan, never had a chance
Photoscan, the world is watching you, all the time!
All the time... all the time...

Words and music by Japetus © Copyright 1980
Written, arranged, engineered and produced by Japetus


from Real World, released April 1, 1982
- Jay... Nylon acoustic guitar, Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, real Maxwin drum kit, Casio MT-30 keyboard.
- Paul Dengate... Electric rhythm and lead guitar and production assistance.
- Ken Handley... Blonde Fender Fretless Bass.

- This was actually where it all began - the first song I recorded when the studio was set up. It was a great litmus test for what was possible and inspired me to carry on.

- Paul's lead breaks were always good but a few really stood out, and as the very first one this was really great and 'made' the song, as they often did.

- The whole song was very much inspired by the whole Mi-sex sound (Computer Games)


tags: pop Willoughby


all rights reserved


The Crazoids Willoughby, Australia

Crazy, young and frustrated with the ways of the world, The Crazoids was a futuristic, early-80's Pop music project created by Japetus, that reflected upon the quirky sides of humanity as it approached the challenges of the 21st century. This collection of demos is 'released' here under the album title of Real World. They are presented here purely in an historical context for posterity's sake. ... more

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