Temple of Love

from by The Crazoids

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Temple of Love (track 13) is a half tongue-in-cheeky attempt at all those big anthemic love songs like Meatloaf does.

It was supposed to be like a journey through different levels of relationship and ecstasy that leads to a scared Tantric-like space within. The film clip I had in mind was lots of native girls in grass skirts in the forest in front of a huge temple that opens up on top to carry the sacred lovers to God.

There are lots of double meanings but the essential sentiment of the song is about the transformative nature of relationship, almost as a religious experience.


Temple of Love

We have so much
To share with each other
Our sprit, body and mind
We need the touch of a sensual lover
To keep us closer in time.

You found your way there’s no reason to hide
Throw off the mask and come inside…

The temple of love (x4)
In ecstacy and bliss
With an angel’s kiss.

The shadows dance
As we move through the gateway
Into the hall of our dreams
Take chance make it real today
Find what love really means.

It’s heaven on earth it can’t be denied
You know what it’s worth so come inside…

The temple of love (x4)
In ecstacy and bliss
With an angel’s kiss.

And when we finally make it
To that sacred place,
We’re in heaven.
All the love is flowing through us
There’s no time or space,
We’re in heaven…

Towards the source we ride the tide
And hear the force whisper child come inside…

The temple of love (x4)
In ecstacy and bliss
With an angel’s kiss.

In ecstacy and bliss
In the temple of love.

Words and music by Japetus © Copyright 1989
Written, arranged, engineered and produced by Japetus


from Real World, released April 1, 1982
- Jay... Nylon acoustic guitar, Electric rhythm guitar, Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, DMX drum programming, MSQ-700 sequencer programming controlling a JX-3P and Mirage keyboards.

- Temple of Love was one of those songs like Digital Dreamland that really had its origins in the early to mid 80's but was not actually formally recorded until the late 80's or early 90's.

- The opening nature sounds are actually lifted from the opening of my ambient album The Radiant Self. It was of course trying to set the scene at the start with a feel of a forest, parting trees, with a Mayan temple and topless dancing native women drawing you in to sacrifice yourself on the sacred alter of love


tags: pop Willoughby


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The Crazoids Willoughby, Australia

Crazy, young and frustrated with the ways of the world, The Crazoids was a futuristic, early-80's Pop music project created by Japetus, that reflected upon the quirky sides of humanity as it approached the challenges of the 21st century. This collection of demos is 'released' here under the album title of Real World. They are presented here purely in an historical context for posterity's sake. ... more

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