We Know

from by The Crazoids

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We Know is all about social conditioning. It was written at a time when Samantha (whose voice features on the track) and I were making the transition from the more mind-based info in Tim Leary's 'Intelligence Agents' book into Ari's more spiritual/esoteric teachings.

It's about how society works from an early age to put you in a box and make you a worker-ant where the goal of life is preparing for retirement. Don't rock the boat with dreams.

It's a call to break free of this mindless delusion they have trapped everyone in. Wake up from the Matrix.


We Know

They keep telling us
Don't do too much when you're young
Or you'll have nothing to do later on
(Hey, you can't limit someone's reality like that!)

They keep telling us
Take your time tomorrow can wait
Resign yourself to the going rate.
(You have to be kidding, we have to explore all the possibilities!)

We know
there's no limitation
We know
within our imagination

They keep telling us
Don't make waves or you'll capsize
Play your part and claim your prize.
(No way, we're going to swim off to a new horizon!)

They keep telling us
Dream your dreams but come back down
Build your future on solid ground
(Can't you understand we just want to be free!!)

We know
there's no limitation
We know
within our imagination

Capture every moment as it flashes by
Reach on up and see if you can touch the sky
Expanding as you grow
'Cause there's so much left to know!


We know
there's no limitation
We know
within our imagination

Be the universal child eternally
Turn on, tune in, listen close and you will see
The future's in your hands and they've got to understand.

Words and music by Japetus © Copyright 1983
Written, arranged, engineered and produced by Japetus


from Real World, released April 1, 1982
- Jay... Acoustic guitar, Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, DMX drum programming, live JX-3P and Poly-6 keyboards
- Samantha... spoken backing vocals.

- This track has no Bass line
- The crowd noise was made on the SH-101


tags: pop Willoughby


all rights reserved


The Crazoids Willoughby, Australia

Crazy, young and frustrated with the ways of the world, The Crazoids was a futuristic, early-80's Pop music project created by Japetus, that reflected upon the quirky sides of humanity as it approached the challenges of the 21st century. This collection of demos is 'released' here under the album title of Real World. They are presented here purely in an historical context for posterity's sake. ... more

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