Wishful Thinking

from by The Crazoids

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Wishful Thinking (track 11) was written about lovely Belinda B who was so desirable but unattainable. She made me think about all the lovers and situations and things that we can wish for but never have.

How, to protect ourselves, we look the other way. How they want us to change, make us wrong for wanting, and eventually all we can do is set them free.

The frustration of this can drive us to despair and the struggle can just become a game, a charade that doesn't go forward and can't go back. You can feel like you want to just lie back and disappear through the floor boards.


Wishful Thinking

Don't show me the truth
I can cover my eyes, pretend I'm blind.
Don't tell me truth
I'd rather hear nice lies anytime.

I need all the warmth that I can draw
The world's easy to ignore
There's only wishful thinking
To save me from sinking
Through the floor... through the floor.

Don't ask me to change
I stick in the mud but I'm secure
Don't force me to change
I am a disease that has no cure.

This way is a way I understand
A trodden trail that's close at hand
And there's always wishful thinking
To save me from sinking
Through the floor... through the floor.

Lead break

Don't ask for my love
Don't tell me your life could follow mine.
I wouldn't ask for your love
Wouldn't snatch at your freedom from behind.

There was a chance but how dreams fade
Now we're lost in the charade
All I have is wishful thinking
To save me from sinking
Through the floor... through the floor.

Don't ask for my love
Don't ask me to change
Don't show me the truth.

Words and music by Japetus © Copyright 1981
Written, arranged, engineered and produced by Japetus


from Real World, released April 1, 1982
- Jay... Nylon acoustic guitar, Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, real Maxwin drum kit tape loop, Casio MT-30 keyboard.
- Paul Dengate... Electric lead guitar break.

- This drum track was done before the DMX drum machine arrived and it was my first attempt at making a drum loop that I heard so much about. The drums were recorded with a metronome on the 8-track and then mixed onto the 2-track (stereo). Then I used suction cups on the face of the 2-track at appropriate distances to keep the tension up on the loop and left it to run, recording back onto 2 channels (stereo) on the 8-track. Then the rest was laid down over that.

- I gave Paul specific instructions for the lead break. I wanted it to suddenly explode out like a burst of frustration like wishing for what you want and the struggle to get it. It is an amazing break considering it is quite out of control yet still beautifully formed emotionally.

- Anthony O'Grady played the track to Todd Hunter (Bass player from Dragon and the genius who penned the #1 hits You're the Voice and Age of Reason for John Farnham's come back) and he said that he thought "Wishful Thinking could go Top 10!" This is the sort of frustration we faced on a regular basis when there was extreme support from key people in the industry but NOT from A&R.


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The Crazoids Willoughby, Australia

Crazy, young and frustrated with the ways of the world, The Crazoids was a futuristic, early-80's Pop music project created by Japetus, that reflected upon the quirky sides of humanity as it approached the challenges of the 21st century. This collection of demos is 'released' here under the album title of Real World. They are presented here purely in an historical context for posterity's sake. ... more

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